Wanna Back Me Up?

If you’ve read my stuff closely over the last couple of weeks, you might have caught a hint or two that I’m now on Patreon and you can back my work there and help me make even more comics and, eventually, movies. Yes, movies. Totally.

It took me a while to finally launch the campaign clip, too, but here it is. It’s been up at my Patreon page for almost two weeks now, but I never got around to posting it here. Apologies for that.

I’m currently* working on redefining the patronage level, moving them from a monthly donation to a per-thing base – read all about it here. For now, though, there are three monthly levels you can back me at:

  • At as little as $1 a month (or more – you choose), you get all my online content with exclusive commentary and sometimes extra material or alternate versions, as well as a little sketch to kick things off. Oh, and ebooks! Whatever I release in ebook form, commercial or not: If it’s mine to give, it’s yours to download!
  • At $5 and up, you get all of the above, but your welcome sketch will be an individual one (still digital, though) and you get free print books on top of all the ebooks.  (International shipping may cost extra, though.)
  • Top backers at $20/month or more will get that sketch mailed to them on real paper and with a stamp and all that. Oh, and free shipping planet-wide, also for the books. Plus extras, as soon as I come up with them.

Look it all up at patreon.com/maxfiles, and maybe consider pledging a bit?

Of course, if long-term commitment isn’t for you, you can always just back me by dropping me a PayPal donation or by sending me stuff from my Amazon wishlist (watch out for postage, though – I live in Germany).


*) Yeah, I had to update this text a few times. This latest one’s from June 2018.