This weekend, I’ll be visiting a new con (for me, that is) – the Comic und Manga Convention in Düsseldorf. I won’t be there with my Zeichner vom Rhein pals or with my webcomic pals Kwimbi, but with Edition PANEL.

Either way, I’ll probably hear a lot of the above line. It happens. A lot. Last time, in Essen, Leander and I considered bringing bingo cards to conventions with the most prominent lines you get to hear. Like “how do you come up with all this?” or “I’d like to be able to just draw like that” (uttered right before moving on) or, well, you get the drift.

Anyway, if you’re in the area on Sunday, drop by. It’s right around Düsseldorf central station. 11am – 5pm, and if you want anything from my collection or Edition PANEL’s and want to make sure to get it, drop me a line and I’ll reserve it for you.