On My Way to the Games Convention

This must be the most obscure piece of humor I’ve ever done. I mean, I’m far from considering you readers stupid, but let’s face it: If I hadn’t studied a particularly theory-heavy subject, I’d still think myself that Game Theory is nothing but a very good eighties’ indie pop band. Now I’m even considering an actual game based on the prisoner’s dilemma. But that may be the sleep deprivation talking.

Anyway, the point of this is: I’ll be at the Comic Action in Essen again, which is part of a major games convention, beginning this Thursday. I’ll be signing and drawing in Artist’s Alley as well as at the Kwimbi booth. Most International readers probably won’t be in the area (i.e. Western Europe) at the time, but if you happen to, feel free to drop by.

This is also one of the most elaborate pieces of webcomicking I’ve done. Activate your javascript if you haven’t already, click on the “continue” tags, and see for yourself what I mean. Consider it a consolation plaything for all those of you who won’t be able to come to the games convention.