What’s Crashin’?

GATE CRASH debuted as an anthology book in, you probably guessed it, Germany. Read all about it on the German site. The name has been popping up for different things over the years, always connected with the stuff that wasn’t part of the regular titles. In English, of course, that means everything that is not Conny Van Ehlsing.

Some of the titles here may grow to find their own spots in the Dreadful Gate spotlight. For now, they take turns, mostly for time reasons.

These are the main titles running under the GATE CRASH header:

codename: Olga and Olga Stark, Girl Reporter
Adventures in investigative journalism, and the secret life that came before all that.

Reception Man
With wacky powers comes … some kind of responsibility, I guess.

The Max Files
That’s me talking. And sometimes time-traveling.

Unsorted Stuff
Cartoons, strips, experiments. Could be anything, except for…

Stories and Snippets
Sometimes I do word-only stuff, too. And then I add images because I feel sorry for those poor lonely words.

Arts and Sketches
‘Cause sometimes words are too much.

GATE CRASH updates mostly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on lots of things. I try to make it every week, but sometimes I don’t. (If that’s too vague for you, I hear ya. Feel free to subscribe to the rss.