Get Real

(Just noticed that this page is also a nifty Summer stand-in for the main page. So I’m pushing it up now. Hey, it was either that or the Patreon clip yet again.)

Some people will tell you (over and over, in fact) that life tells the best stories. To which I usually wholeheartedly disagree. For one, life has a lousy sense of structure, most of the time. And it’ll leave us with only the most prosaic and boring stories about love and finding a job and stuff. Never would it come up with, say, hive-minded monkeys steering robots.

Unless it does. Oops.

I still insist about the sense of timing, though. If you think otherwise because sometimes things do fall into place just right, it’s because you’re disregarding the millions of other times before and after when they didn’t. Even my broken kitchen clock is right pretty regularly.

I do like that last image, btw. I wonder if YouTube will let me re-upload my Patreon promo clip without too much of a hassle…