Talking the Big Topics!

I never considered myself a cartoonist but after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo staff in 2015, and after some people started discussing that in terms of how far satire should be allowed to go, I changed my mind. The answer to attacks like that should always be more cartoons, not more restraints. Also, it’s a good way to blow off steam when the papers are too depressing.

Most of the cartoons I made since are very German-centric because I think it’s rude to make jokes from the outside. I made an exception around the latest US presidential election because some Americans had started to snap at Germans for trying to appeal to them to not vote for the guy they (the Americans) then voted for. The idea of Americans telling people to not intefere with other countries’ politics was just too funny to let pass. Anyway, there are more cartoons on the German site because not all of them translate well.

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Above: This is a cartoon I made … oh, way back in the Nineties, when I was still in the prime of activism myself. Even then, some people seemed to take things more seriously, more … personal than others, especially in those circles. Not everybody, of course. There were enough of us “others” left for this cartoon to find its audience. But I vividly remember a heated discussion that emerged when I dared imply that punk rock was, among other things, y’know, about fun

I was reluctant about presenting it here because I wasn’t sure the computer lettering would work in its favor. (And hand lettering never seems to work online. Well, mine doesn’t.) Anyway, I do like the fonts I found for this. Honor as honor is due, or in true activist fashion of naming my collaborators: the actual lettering is in Gilles Sages’ Gilles’ Comic Handwriting, the headline is in BD Cartoon Shout, an all-time favorite for shout-outs and noises.