Redesign 2018: Show the Stories!

The central feature of the new design is the sidebar right next or right under the comic, depending on your screen size, right where the comic logo is. This sidebar contains two new widgets.

  1. This Story Widget: Creates a widget with some handy information for ongoing stories to show in the sidebar, such as the story title when it’s not the page title as well, a synopsis if there is one, and a link to the first page.
  2. The Story So Far: Adds a metabox to the “Add Comic” page for a quick summary of what happened so far in the story. As well as a shortcode and a widget to display that.

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 Guest Blogging at Comixtalk

So, after several guest strips at other people’s webcomics, I’m continuing my little Summer tour around the block with a short stay as a Comixtalk guest blogger. This week, Brian Moore, TwentySevenLetters‘ Alexander Danner, surprise guest John Baird and I will take turns blogging about whatever we see fit. In my case, that includes some […]

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