Later, at the Games Convention

Another thing I drew at the games convention in Essen when nothing seemed to be happening. Looking back, I may have had way too much time on my hands…

The guy sitting next to me, btw, is Mario Bühling of Katzenfuttergeleespritzer. His comic is in German, but if you can read that, I recommend it. Next to him (hardly recognizable) is Demolitionsquad’s David Malambré. We like to hang out at cons together, tough we noticed that our readerships didn’t mesh as well as we’d thought. Later, we were joined by Michael Roos (again, all in German, but funny) and Life Ain’t No Pony Farm‘s Sarah Burrini, too. (Not at Artist’s Alley with us, though, she had a booth. But she still hangs with us…)

This is (probably) the last Gate Crash for this year. I’ll take a bit of a break after Xmas, maybe work on the site design a bit and stuff. But there’s some Conny Van Ehlsing coming up this Friday, so don’t stop reading!