Who’s Who? Conny

Of course, any good gallery of a comic’s major characters should start with the main protagonist. Even though she’s usually the one who’s least in need of an introduction.

Conny started hunting monsters on her first day of school. Or at least that’s how legend has it. Truth is, the first year of school, before she got kicked out for biting the principal, it was the monsters who chased her more often than not. But she toughened up and has since made it her life’s mission to keep the playgrounds in her new neighborhood free from monsters and other supernatural things. Except for ghosts, who are usually harmless.

Over time, she gained quite some respect from the monster community. The other kids, on the other hand, either think she’s crazy (as do most grown-ups) or at least overdoing it on the whole monster thing. They won’t say it to her face, though, because she’s stronger than most kids her age.

Conny, on the other hand, doesn’t understand how hunting monsters can not be everybody’s priority. It’s monsters, after all!