Holiday Entertainment (5)

And that’s it for Conny’s holiday from monster hunting!

(And mine, I guess.)

I wasn’t lazy in the meantime, even though this page’s coloring kinda looks like I was, admittedly. (I told you I’d be dialing back the effort a bit for the Summer. High time I did that!) Thing is, I’ve been working on a new layout for the web site! This page’s unusual format is part of that process, by the way. Kind of a proof of concept.

Originally, all I wanted to do was launch a new shopping section within the Dreadful Gate network. But since I’d have to tweak that layout anyway, I thought, why not put that work into a complete redesign?

Between now and the beginning of Conny’s next adventure, two weeks from now (or that’s the plan), I’m going to upload the new design. First on my German site, then, after some live testing, here. After all, I’ve only just reedited the English site half a year ago, it doesn’t need it remotely as much as the German site. So don’t worry if all this site’s comics suddenly disappear some time from now – probably, I’ll just in the middle of the relaunch that day. And I promise you’ll get them all back!