Holiday Entertainment 4

Nope, I haven’t been challenged to do that ice bucket thing, and I’m not keen on being, either. But this little series has become all about popular Summer activities, and emptying buckets seems to be all the rage this year.

I’m not trying to put the challenge down, btw (nor up). There are lots of arguments in favor or against it, just choose your own. The apparent waste of water isn’t one, though, at least in my book. Really, if you’re worried about that, you can easily make up for the water wasted by saving it somewhere else. It’s just a bucket, see. And once you’ve learned how easy that was, why not keep doing it?

Or you can do what my colleague Daniel Gramsch did – he made an original drawing of his characters ice bucketing rather than spilling actual water, and he’s auctioning it (the drawing, not the water) off on ebay for the cause. If you hurry and it’s still Friday when you read this, you may still get it!