My Social Profile

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the social media buttons on this site. You can use them to share my comics – and don’t worry about privacy protection, I’m using the least intrusive versions I could find. But social media aren’t just about sharing stuff, they’re about getting in touch, too. So it’s only fair to list where you can find me and – more importantly – what to expect at any of these places.

This is where I’m most active. Whatever comes to mind during a day goes here first. Unfiltered, unsorted and full of typos. Comments, ideas, musings, and I’ve been known to post the occasional 140 character short story, essay or review, too. ‘Cause I can, you see.

Feel free to follow me at @dreadfulgate. Don’t expect me to follow you back, though. I might, if I know who you are, like your tweets and don’t already follow your other feeds, but I make these decisions in my own time. If that’s uncool with you, don’t follow.

(Actually, I may add a post later about how I use Twitter and how I recommend you use it if you want people like me to follow you.)

There’s a Dreadful Gate page and a Conny Van Ehlsing page. They mostly carry “official” news and stuff. You can find my personal profile easily from there. Again, I won’t befriend just anybody – that’s who the pages are for.

Facebook, the way I use it, is at the same time more personal than Twitter and more … officious? The status updates are like an edited version of what I do on Twitter – Less spontaneous, but with more links and stuff. On the other hand, FB makes it easy to respond to updates and join discussions, and I do that a lot.

My use of Tumblr has changed a lot over the years. I signed up with it years ago when I didn’t have my own site, to add something blog-like to my online presence, but it never worked that way. I kept the log just in case I come up with something, and because I liked the system. For a while I fed news and posts from this site into it, which made it delightfully messy because they so weren’t formatted for that. Nowadays, I mostly use it for sketches and other things I can’t categorize or that aren’t quite … ready yet.

Oh, and you can ask me stuff there. Not that you couldn’t anywhere else. But Tumblr is where I have an extra page for that.

Line Webtoon
I started a Gate Crash Feed at Line a while back but keep forgetting to post much there. Every now and then, I really want to do more with it and start a Conny Van Ehlsing back catalogue at Tapastic, too. Remind me of it, will you?

Deviant Art
I used to have a Deviant Art page but I used it so rarely that dA deactivated it. They didn’t even bother telling me. I might get back into that just to have a place for posters and mugs but it never made much money anyway. If you really want to get your hands on some Vähling-designed merchandise, I think my Spreadshop still works?

So, if you want to get in touch, you now know where to find me. Or you could just post a comment, of course.