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ETA 2018: For the moment, I’m not using Flattr, mostly because I haven’t vetted the plugin for compatibility with the new privacy law yet. Also, even though it started pretty well, I haven’t really made any much money with it in the long run. I’ll keep the post anyway because I might put it back anyway.

If you’ve read my guest blog at ComixTalk back in August, you might remember that I was a bit cautious about Flattr at first. But I did mention I’d try it some time. By which I meant, now that I have the new site.

So I’ve created a Flattr profile now, and for at least half a year or so, you’ll find a Flattr button in the left sidebar, right under the bookmark thingy. Feel free to use it as much as you want. (Also, since I can’t try it myself, let me know if anything’s wrong with it.) I’ll monitor the revenues, and after a couple of months, I’ll decide if I’ll keep it or not.
In case you didn’t just miss the post, but the whole topic altogether, here’s the nutshell version: Flattr is a web 2.0 application that combines social bookmarking’s “like” button with a tip jar. Flattr members pay a monthly amount (starting at €2) that they spread over all the sites whose Flattr buttons they click.

To make sure that people wouldn’t only cash in but also contribute, only members who flattr themselves can get flattred. Which means, it only pays off if you get more than €2 a month out of it. This seems to work fine for some sites, but there’s a good chance that the further down the Long Tail you are, the less it’ll pay off.

My prediction, back in August, was that Flattr could be a good revenue source for some sites, but probably not for all. We’ll see if this site is one of them.

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