The Undeleted Scene

Here’s one for the book extras, once I’m past the vol. 1 books and into vol. 2: The opening sequence of HOUSEWARNING, the way I originally wrote it.

The reason I added that extra scene on p.2 was, I felt I owed it to the readers to show the house since that’s what the plot seems about from what you see on p.1. The original idea, on the other hand, was a simple, fun story about how Conny deals with the supernatural side of her life now. I had already drawn most of what you see here when I decided to add that look-around scene. It changes the whole balance of the story, though. More emphasis on the house, less on how Conny makes herself at home there.

So , if you want to compare, check out the first three pages of HOUSEWARNING, then come back here to read the original cut.

Housewarning, p. 1

Housewarning, alternate page 2

I kinda like this version, too. More surprising, more matter-of-fact. Maybe I’ll change it back for the printed edition. Just so I can have a “deleted scene” for the book. Y’know, gotta delete it first and all…

So, which one do you like better? Not that it’ll change much…