Sample Scripts: Why I haven’t posted any yet (except now)

One thing I’ve always enjoyed on other people’s sites is the possibility to download and read scripts. It helps a lot when you’re preparing to write your own, and it’s still fun when you’re used to writing your own.

Always keen on being helpful, I’ve started posting some scripts of mine over at my German blog, and I’d love to do the same here. There’s just one problem.

They’re all in German.

I could translate them, but that’s not the same, is it? I’ll probably do it anyway when the books are due and I need back space material. Until then, I present the German scripts here anyway, for the minority of you who read German, don’t care or just want to look at the layouts.

Sandkastengeschichten (English: Tales From the Sandpit): PDF

Die! (engl: Playground Politics): PDFHTML

The scripts were written with Celtx and formatted in Celtx’ somewhat peculiar table layout that doesn’t look like the screenplay-like format we’re all used to at all. Don’t let that bug you, though. It turned out to be very practical in the writing process because it really forces you to think panel by panel. Plus, you probably won’t be able to read it anyway. (The html script looks more like the screenplay layout.)