Guest Blogging at Comixtalk

So, after several guest strips at other people’s webcomics, I’m continuing my little Summer tour around the block with a short stay as a Comixtalk guest blogger. This week, Brian Moore, TwentySevenLetters‘ Alexander Danner, surprise guest John Baird and I will take turns blogging about whatever we see fit.

In my case, that includes some views of the webcomics world from, well, here. (“Here” being both my fringy geographical location and my status as struggling writer/artist/self publisher.)

But how, you ask, am I going to do all that, if I can’t even seem to blog over here more often than I do? And that’s a real good question. Let’s just say I like a challenge.

Some of the topics I’ve got lined up may as well fit into this blog’s themes, including some I’ve wanted to write about for quite a while. But this, of course, means they won’t appear here. Others are new and came up because I was thinking about what to write for this assignment.

Then there’s the third category, and that’s the most fun bit: The stuff that I haven’t thought of yet, that comes up during the week. This is your cue, too.

If there’s anything you want me to write about during my stay at Comixtalk, just suggest it in the comments section, and I’ll consider it. For both that blog and this. Not promising anything, of course, but why not turn this into a conversation while I’m at it?