Walking The Dead

A while ago, I was talking about zombies over breakfast, not fully awake yet. This is what happens when you do that.

A quick internet search for “walking the dead” didn’t come up with much, except for some typos. Since the internet is supposed to have everything somewhere, I added this.

To be honest, I’m not that much of a Walking Dead fan. It’s good, well-written, and I’ve always been a fan of Charlie Adlard, but to me, the gold standard in zombie apocalypes is still Romero. In his movies, the apocalypse is total: It destroys all that society is made of. What’s left are some rag-tag groups of people, usually outcasts, who don’t even like each other. In The Walking Dead, on the other hand, the protagonist falls back to his family. Societal bonds (is that really a word?) still hold.

I’m just taking that one step further with my contribution here.