The Next Big Thing

The last few weeks here were, for good reason, dominated by more political cartooning and comicking than I usually do. Most of this was so Germany-specific that my International site had to suffer a bit. So now it’s time to get back to something that both works in English and is completely and utterly silly!

In other news, I joined a contest with a handful of Gate Crash samples. You may have heard about the 30,000$ Webtoon challenge? I took some time to check it out and despite the outrageous reward it seems to be legit, so here goes. There are about 3500 contestants and just four awards, so the chances that I’ll even have to look into all those legal matters are about 1:800.

If you want to help, feel free to log in and leave a friendly rating for Gate Crash. I don’t know how much that actually will help, but it can’t hurt considering some people seem to do the other thing – voting the competition down. At least that’s what it looks like when you compare the in-contest ratings with the regular comics’.

Don’t do that, btw. Vote other comics down to help mine up. Apart from it being bad manners, I have no idea it’ll even make a difference (there’s a jury voting at the end of it), and did I mention there are 3500 contestants? It’ll take you days! But most of all, bad manners. It’s not a trolling award, after all.