We all have to change habits these days. Some of us have to find new ways of making a living. Me, I’m one of the lucky ones. Comics are great for reading at home and particularly useful right now! Also, this social distancing thing may be the first time ever that society expects me to do something – and I’m already really, really good at it!

Other people are struggling to stay afloat. So rather than join the choir of all the people urging you to stay in and do some long-overdue curve flattening (which, by the way, urge all you want but don’t be rude about it, okay? I know it’s called social distancing but if you’re rude, you’re still doing it wrong), I’ll join the other choir and urge you to please consider ordering your much-needed comic books and records and books packages straight from the artists or from local stores, a lot of which have set up improvised delivery services right now.