Snowball Fight!

I feel really bad about not finding the time to finish a piece for this year’s Comic Creators for Freedom wallpaper – it’s a great fundraiser for a great cause, and I hope to be in it next year. And who doesn’t like a good snowball fight, right?

It’s even more of a pity considering I’d already started something snowballsy – all I’d have had left to do was color one of the images. Well, more or less.

What I did manage to take part in was the semi-traditional German webcomic snowball fight – a crossover among German comics people fighting each other across their comics. And it was particularly hard this winter because most of Germany hardly had any snow at all. True autobiographicists they are, the German webcomickers made do with what they could muster up – mud, a snow cannon, Mr. Freeze. Me, I just made it snow.

See fellow artist Wittek’s blog for a link list of participants. (Warning: It’s all in German. But you knew that, right? This being a German snowball fight and all?)

In the true spirit of webcomics crossovery, the “worthy antagonists” in this comic are Nadine from Demolitionsquad – long-standing fans know her from Conny’s birthday party where she behaved like a real monster – and Katzenfuttergeleespritzer’s Mario Bühling – also a party guest.