New View

Note to self: Comic posts about a new site design kind of lose their point with the next one.

Then again, reading up on the post, most of it still works…

The old post:
So here it is, the site update I’ve been teasing all over the Socials. It wasn’t as necessary for the English site as it was for the German one, since I just cleaned this site up considerably about half a year ago. But I didn’t want you to miss out on all the fun that the new design is going to bring.

Particularly, the new comics area right on top of the page. That’s my favorite because it puts the comic front and center in ways it never did before. To me, it feels more like a stage than a layout, and I can’t wait to go there and play!

The other big change is the move from Comicpress to Comic Easel, which is really all it was promised to be, once you figured out the new structure.

Apart from that, not too much is changing for you readers. Or so I hope. Most of the old comic links should still work, and once I’ve set up redirects for the feeds, so should they. Please let me know if anything’s not working. On the other hand, if anything’s not working, it’s probably the Gate Crash feed, and you’ll never know about the new site. Oh well, you’ll catch up eventually.

Update 2018:
… Nah, most of it is still there. The comics area is now sharing the stage with a sidebar (except for this page) and the comic area itself as a stage obviously isn’t new anymore, but that’s about it. As for the sidebar: That kinda deserves its own post because I’ve put some nifty stuff into it. But it won’t be a comic update because I’ve done that, right?