Modern Heroes

Okay, this is a bit of a departure. For starters, no monster!

Here’s how this comic came to be: After sexism in superhero comics became a topic again last week or so, I had this idea about the girl-in-the-fridge trope that came back up during the discussions. Rather than make up new kids for this one story and run it as a Gate Crash, I chose to use the kids I already created. Also, I like to stretch Conny’s possibilities every now and then.

It’s really a quick thing I did during a break rather than the next big adventure. So I experimented a little. The art was done as quickly as possible, to capture the cartoonish nature of the story. I’ve also changed the type. It’s a new font I made for another comic. I’m testing it all over the place at the moment. I may or may not stick to it. There are reasons for keeping Cartoonist Simple on most of the comics, for now anyway, but I just wanted to give this one a shot.