Lift Boy

This is the final installment of Dreadful Gate’s big superhero crossover. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

It’s also the last Gate Crash for a couple of weeks, because of the world ending holidays. But Conny Van Ehlsing is going to continue hunting monsters, so you should be safe.

To end with, here are some of the notes I made while planning this event, back in 2007:

Superheroes are…

  • sequential: Make them all reflect one another, but not necessarily – think of single buyers;
  • iconic: Man/woman, yin/yang, dealing it/receiving it etc.
  • full of pathos: They don’t have things to do, they have quests! They don’t have enemies but nemeses! They don’t end sentences with a full stop, but with an exclamation mark!
  • unironic: contrast heroic poses with little things, like opening a glass of jelly.

Loose ideas:

  • The city after the heroes came and did their thing (scenes of destruction)
  • real super powers (supertasters, intuitives, synaesthetics)
  • Manga Girl (can read books from right to left)
  • taglines from superhero ethics (“Trust the law, but never trust its enforcers” etc.)

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