Leap of Faith

The other day, I watched Prometheus again, a movie about really bad science. It wasn’t so bad in the verion I watched, but all in all, the premise seemed to be that Wishing Really Hard and Believing Deep Inside have been accepted as scientific methods, and this is what happens next.

Apparently, the creationists have won their battles over education in this future. That’s not so outlandisch, as premises go. In Louisiana schools, teachers are already using the Bible as supplementary source material. And the notion of banning literature that might spark unwelcome thoughts or intellectual curiosity, well-documented in school libraries, is beginning to reach colleges, too. (Albeit not always successfully. Yet.) and, since it’s easy to blame those crazy Americans for being backworldly: it’s not that. In Germany, students have recently started shitstorming a college professor (that article is in German – sorry), basically for teaching them stuff they didn’t want to hear.

So I started thinking about writing a SF story about this kind of future. This comic is a “proof of concept”, to see if the premise is … narratable at all. After all, the main result of faith-based science owuld be that stuff doesn’t work, but that’s not very interesting, narratively.