Even more useful Knowledge!

Again, apologies for not getting this page done any earlier, like last week or so. But it was a necessary break. The rewrite really improved the story, and though it’s not at all the story I set out to write, it works much better than the original plot while still being true to the premise. Things like that happen when you care about your stories.

In other news, the album that kept me from doing all of this earlier and from greyshading these pages – it’s done now! I’m expecting the printers’ confirmation any day now. Theoretically, this means I could go back to my old mode of editing, but I decided I’ll stay with the plain b/w for this one. I can still use the extra time, what with the most important German comics convention coming up in June, and I’d rather put more effort into the steps I’m presenting here than half an effort into more fleshed-out pages. This means all the more work for me further down the line, as I’ve experienced once more while compiling the album, but so be it.

And, yes, that’s yet another German Conny Van Ehlsing book. I’ll get to an English one as soon as I can – promise!