Council Meeting 2

The good news is: Crime isn’t the problem.

The bad news: Something is…

One thought on “Council Meeting 2

  1. Reminds me a conversation from Terry Pratchett’s book “the truth”, there’s two criminals who speak to a lawyer who came to represent the legitimate business mans, or should I say, concerned citizens who hire the criminals for something, the lawyer sys in law language that in case the plan fails, the employers don’t know the criminals, one of the criminals is sort of an idiot and asks the lawyer if he knows theyr criminals then why isnt he –ing arresting them. The lawyer says all theyr crimes were out of the country, and therefor are non of this country buisness (all in law language) and the goon asks him how does he know that? They’ve been here all –ing day, and the lawyer explains that the fact that they were not caught is the legitimation for their actions, in law language, not in the weird way I explained it

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