A Bedtime Story

This one came a long way. And I don’t mean it’s outer-space-ness.

I wrote the core of this story a while ago, either inspired by a science fiction movie I’d just seen or just generally by all of them. Considering the aliens sent to earth must be very special individuals – scientists, diplomats, explorers. But the human authorities tend to treat them as specimens.

At first, I wanted to present the story as a book page with a little sketch I once made of an alien disguised as a different alien. But it didn’t really fit the story, so I considered different ways of presenting it, finally settling for the storybook setting you see here. After all, it is a Scary Story – for aliens, that is.

I changed the original ending to a more storybook-ish one, and here we go.

I’ll use that book page thing some other time. Or I’ll get carried away again…

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